Sleep therapy is conducted in a Johnson County, Kansas medical center

Excellhealth Sleep Center uses a variety of sleep therapy techniques to treat sleep disorders. These include:

Snore Guards: This involves the use of a device to reduce snoring by moving the lower jaw forward. This maneuver opens the back of the throat which reduces and in some cases completely stops snoring. These snoring devices work in a similar manner as oral appliances for sleep apnea but are not intended for the treatment of sleep apnea.

CPAP / BiPAP Therapy: Continuous positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP) uses a machine to help a person who has obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) breathe more easily during sleep. A CPAP machine increases air pressure in your throat so that your airway doesn’t collapse when you breathe in. When you use CPAP, your bed partner may sleep better too.

Similar to a CPAP machine, A BiPAP machine is a non-invasive form of therapy for patients suffering from sleep apnea. Both machine types deliver pressurized air through a mask to the patient’s airways. The air pressure keeps the throat muscles from collapsing and reducing obstructions by acting as a splint.

Oral Appliance Therapy: Worn only during sleep, an oral appliance fits like a sports mouth guard or an orthodontic retainer. It supports the jaw in a forward position to help maintain an open upper airway. Research shows that oral appliance therapy is an effective treatment option for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. In addition to the above, we also offer Medication Therapy, Behavioral therapy and Nutrition Therapy as a means to treat various sleep disorders. We promote​ Sleep Hygiene Education and make that part of every treatment plan as well.